30 January 2013

2012 outfits

WELCOME! to one of the longest fashion posts (till now...)
What have I been wearing this year? Was it good,trendy,interesting? Or terribly bad?
Here are my conclusions, 

 The short(s)woman

These are two of my favorite outfits!
left: shirt H&M,black shorts from Stradivarius(?), socks!,sunglasses.
right: same black shorts, with mustard tights,blue light sweater, black booties,colorful necklace.
I'm surely going to wear the right one again!

left: same shorts as previous,same booties, black tights H&M, studded jacket from strad.
right: hot pink sweater,white shorts (both H&M) black tights and floral necklace.
I'm definitely wearing the left one, the right one...did not quite convince me.

 The running orange

left: blue shirt from ZARA, flashy orange joggings from HappyGirl
right: orange sweater, pepe jeans-sleeveless-coat, jeans and boots from Timberland.
I love both sporty styles, even though i'd wear the right one to go out!

Back to Black

left: I look so slim omg!, i am wearing a shirt (that fits me almost as a dress) from my mum, black shorts, tights and black high heel booties.
right: H&M dress with frontal zip!

I love you so mustamuch!

Ball dance vs. School
left: Classy woman, the dress is a bit long for me maybe? (it's my mum's wtf), red heels and lipstick complete well.
right: tshirt from Coolcat)
I'd probably wear the right t shirt, the left outfit is too classy i'd say.

 I went to school

left: rolling stones tshirt,black shorts and black+purple tights.
right: Quite recent, green shirt,jeans from dr.denim , beige booties and jacket from hollister.
I love love the right one, but left one is not so bad :)

 I drank Champagne on New Year's Eve

Which outfit to sip your champagne on NYE?
left: black,black,black and champagne-gold jumpsuit (from H&M)
right: shirt, fluffy skirt from h&m,heels, white leather jacket.
I wore the left one actually, and the right one for christmas eve.

More cute outfits just below!

 Sweet as Strawberry

Leaving black behind, lets see something more cute and girly!
(and wearing shoes omg!)
left: floral dress with belt, stockings and red heels.
right: shirt, green tulip skirt, socks and gray heels.
When everything goes wrong, go right!

left: denim dress, rose socks,bag.
right: strawberry sequin shirt,jeans.
I'd wear right, and left not so sure...

The sweater battle!

2 different styles, which one do you prefer?
left: love! beige/brown sweater with underneath tights and shorts (could be anything) and booties same color.
right: sweet pink cotton candy like sweater (breathe!) and cute bow ^^ 
LEARNT: fluffy sweaters must be worn with jeans, if you don't want hairy legs from the sweater!

Triple BAM!

left: t-sweater with studs,shorts, black heels.
center: night dress (ignore the socks please) ZARA
right: black shorts,blue shirt, blue-black print tights.
I wore the dress in a suit-up party!

 Getting colder...

left: black shorts+tights, london shirt.
right: gray shirt,shorts,tights (typical by now) white boots from timberland and jacket from H&M.
Right for the win! (actually left can be worn with right's accesories :o)

Don't get tired just yet, keep scrolling!

 Shopping day, okay?

Easy to try on other clothes,when shopping.
left: shirt,jeggings,black booties and jacket.
right: striped sweater (soon will be trending again for a while) and jeans. + magenta bag.

 Summer vibes 

Basic,summer outfits.
left: travel to warm areas...shirt ''believe'',jeggings (socks lol)
right: white top and cut-off shorts! plus white flower.
right for the win!

I love! And since my feet aren't getting bigger means i'll get a huge shoe collection ;)
(and get to wear these beauties again!)

 'Sk8er girl'

I've never skated, I just like wearing vans now and then.
(when it is not raining uh :/)
left: H&M shirt and the rest too.
right: ROSE from ZARA shirt, jean shorts, VANS.

left: MY HAIR WAS THAT LONG?? (or maybe I had added the clip on extentsions ^^')
right: simple, simple outfit. So simple not even bothered to put on socks x)

Re-utilize you favorite pieces!

Wear it ... twice!

Denim light blue jacket, gold/copper colored buttons.
left: white shirt+accesory
right: i<3paris shirt, more casual and simple.
It is all about the shirts!

Denim dark blue jacket with buttons.
left: A rock-y outfit
right: girly goes elegant style
Both are lovely!

My ultra long hair!!!
(but better SHORTER, and HEALTHIER, than LONGER and DESTROYED.)

Pattern 3x, please, don't...

so confusing... so not good looking...

 No shoes in most of my pics...

If you haven;t noticed yet <3
I'll do a shoe post to balance ok?
left: dress I tried on, but..did not look good on me.
right: skirt,shirt black from H&M, leggings (pattern) magenta bag and little jacket.
Right? Yes you are right!

 Loyal to Denim


left: Denim dress again.
right: crochet sweater,white top underneath, jeggings, booties and colorful scarf.

LAST but not LEAST:

 Sporty vs. Hottie

that was it!
have an awesome year 2013!

09 January 2013