13 April 2013


tu dors?
-pas maintenant
-maintenant pas

12 April 2013


11 hours on the airplane, the service amazing, the food delicious(and spicy!) , watched 4 movies...
arriving at Bangkok and feeling the exaggerated heat, its 9am only.
Jet-lagged as fu*k

(all from Jennifer, but hat from H&M)

Changed clothes to go to the shopping centre.
I look so tired ahah.
We went for a walk and then sat at a Japanese restaurant. We could not keep our EYES OPEN. It was just IMPOSSIBLE. My sister slept on the table. Waitress laughing...can't you feel we are tired??
We came back at our hotel room. Suddenly, my sister and I had loads of energy and were jumping around. At 7pm we dropped and slept for 10hours...

DAY 2: Time to visit THAILAND! But always looking...touristy haha.

We were going to visit a temple, so, the knees and shoulders have to be covered.
(I pulled the skirt more down before entering the temple, and ofc took off the sandals.)

(tshirt from Jennifer,
skirt from Jennifer,
hat from H&M.)

 Twisted like braid made by my sister. 

*abrupt end of post*

08 April 2013

Models eat paper tissues

-They eat them to feel their stomach full, and then the paper (100% cellulose) goes away from the body. Basically they are starving themselves!
No, I did not make this up, a woman who used to work for Vogue magazine, wrote a book in which she spits out secrets of the fashion industry.

This one caught my attention.

MODELS eat paper tissues. Yes,the ones you use to blow your nose. I guess they cut them in small pieces,and chew them. (Chewing makes us feel fuller faster. So, eat slowly and chew a lot, to feel full earlier. This prevents us from over eating)

Seriously...paper tissues? Have you heard of fruits? And veggies? (Oh wait a banana has 200 calories OMG OMG. Shut up, you need these calories to survive!)
Why starving yourself? To lose a lot of weight super fast? Your body will be devastated...you will get a mental disease like anorexia and die! Or die from asphixiation from the paper and water you may drink.
Don't eat paper tissues to feel full. Please.
What do you think?