04 May 2013

Feeling bunny

My news,updates and some pictures I took some days ago of me being a bunny.
In two weeks we just had 4days of actual lessons and the rest we are relaxing.
Today there is a big sale in the streets in town,so I'll go there in the afternoon and maybe buy something :D
Yesterday Night I went to a paint party. Like any other party,the only difference its that there are bowls with fluo paint (mainly orange) and people 'play' with it. For example:
''random guy I know'': haai ines!
''me'': haai
''random guy I know'' : *gets both hands on bowl and splash my face*
''me'': thanks. Now I look like spray tanned wtf
And well..it can be sexy xd.
Good for me I had a shower today, I looked awful after that. Oh and the clothes...I was prepared aha. Took a simple black skirt and a purple crop top I got in a magazine. No picutre available. Anyways it was not something worth sharing. Not like these 'cute' pics haha
Bunny ears overload next: