10 December 2012

Candy Overload

haribo gummy bears,napoleon sweets, tic tac orange, pik-ups, smarties,schoko bons...
My sis is having a party soon, and these are going to fill the goodies bag for her friends. aww.

07 December 2012

Let's make banana cupcakes



01 December 2012

Random People adding you on Facebook

Hey hey!
Today i'm writing from -here.

Not as I normally do, from -here.

But this way i get to write more, to economize space and make it easier to read. 

From title you may of guessed, that, i'm stating a fact. 'random people adding you on facebook'.
If you have facebook you will know that you can make 'friends' with people. 
I have added as friends my actual friends, family , and more people that I know from school.
Sometimes, friends of my sister ask to add me to their friend list, but i normally don't accept as I don't know them personally...but we have mutual friends, a logical way why they found me...
Then, suddenly, I get a friend request from a person...which I haven't seen or heard of ever.
For example an Algerian guy (never been to Algeria before) or a Colombian girl (same).
Here i got an example of a girl called Anika Ley. No other info. No country reference. NO COMMON FRIENDS!

How did she find me?

19 November 2012

Psychiatric School(+story)

This post is about the LuxII mamer school.

Read, read...

30 October 2012

Leaving to Strasbourg

(used perfect365 to edit the pic. haha so fake)

Tomorrow i'm leaving to Strasbourg for 4-5 days!
The hotel is quite modern,has wifi, big plama tv with dvd and nespresso coffee machine. 
We are going there to see the city, and the shopping malls and eat !
I haven't forgotten you!
I have 2 scheduled posts for you, but if you are impatient, read my previous ones.
Ill answer to each of your comments <3

 see you!

24 October 2012

Half naked man in a forest

The day was got better later,for lunch, I went with my (ex) boyfriend 
To the park/forest near our school.
As we were enjoying your meal and nature around us, we saw something / someone that caught our attention...











It was not that warm, and anyways he was wearing a T-shirt before (red hanging cloth)
So no excuse. Feeling more comfortable?
Well, you know there are sometimes groups of little kids passing by, and that would make them feel a bit uncomfortable too... 
NO, for boys i think its alright, i accept it. In the beach, beach bars/shops,swimming pool. But not in a FOREST omg. Plus is not even so warm (maximum 20 degrees celsius) and inside the forest its more chilly. 
PLUS he was stopping every 5 meters (literally) just to take a picture of the same trees...
(Discretely I took pictures of him, the face is not shown.)
And hey, should this be creepy? Well, he looked like an okey man, except of the...less clothes on him.
I'm thinking what would he do at the end of the forest (there is a large road with many cars) I hope he wore is tshirt on, because it was NOT necessary at all.
Your opinion? I'm confused and shocked...




I won't leave you without a goodbye and a better sighting hehe

14 September 2012

Eyesight with fashion items

I love this bag from H&M, but i already own too many. but i have only one which is black and quite big..
i could not resist taking a picture even though i think i can't (?)

those shorts are really nice and i like the color of the pink shirt!

At Zara, those wedges can be woren one time for the show. then.. like for parties and so.
matching bag on top and umbrellas for rainy weather (yayyy not.)

'fake watch' as people say. 
it's not fake! its not made from paper!
its just a Sanda watch,with a beautiful red color :)

i'd love to see if you have gone on a eyesight shopping day,
its quite funn...but also frustrating if you dont have money..
sorry for the comments published and answered late!
some got caught in SPAM :(
<3 to all !

31 August 2012

Pink Haul 2

Lovie Dovie from Essie nail polish collection.
I love the color, the texture and the long-lasting formula!

1. Hot pink pencil case (1,50euro)
2. Mini hole maker (2euro)
3.Pink Essie nail polish
4. Toothbrush from Dr.Best (don't forget to renovate every 6 months!)

What's next?...

I have so many posts prepared!
Get ready for autumn/fall outfits, makeups and nail deco!
Should I film some videos? Launch a giveaway?

27 April 2012

Gif 1