30 July 2013


Gouda Goodness

The good: This food is a good source of Protein, Calcium and Phosphorus.

The bad: This food is high in Cholesterol, and very high in Saturated Fat.

Read More http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/dairy-and-egg-products/21/2#ixzz2aXrL1dzS

21 July 2013

Summertime Fatness (show this post to your skinny friend)

If you follow @bahbohh on instagram,you can see almost daily pictures of food! Here I drank a frappe coffee, greek style
(a new pair of sunglasses I bought for 8 euros+-9dollars)

This is a yoghurt smoothie, with peach,lemon and honey!

Over here you can see the essence of this post. Waffles with chocolate and cookie sprinkles, crepes with chocolate and banana and icecream

Greek beer fix. Even though I prefer Mythos. You can also try Alfa.

This is a super yummy mega chocolate pie. I shared with my sister and cousin ahah
I ordered a chicken filet and what came...omg
Its shaped as a heart!!! <3
This is a rolled Apple pie with syrup...I feel guilty.

Margarita, banana flavor (it has tequila)

And here a banana daiquiri, has rum, and I think its better than margarita (at least in the bar we went) 
Did you know that a mojito can have up to 210 kcal? Crazy...

As random as it sounds, we found THAI food in a GREEK ISLAND.
My sister ordered this fried rice with chicken (isn't it chinese?)

I took the spiciest of all, meat+red chili+other veggies
I love Thai Food.

After dinner, we ate ice cream!
I had pistachio.

Kinder bueno!
No, you can't eat it. 
Unique jewelry (i'll make a post about it, and I'll show you the earrings I got too!)

So, this summer are you following a diet? 
Or are you eating whatever its good (by good I mean yummy, like ice cream)
I think I am more friendly to the second profile, even though I am 'planning' on starting a new diet.

See you next post!

PS: I just noticed that my snoopi pajama has 'peanut' written on it. lol.  

10 July 2013

Drink-in the beach? Drunk-in the beach!

Lying down on a comfy sunbed, nice music from the beach club, hot guys passing by, and a mexican cold beer with lemon. Do you like summer? I love it.

06 July 2013


Another food post!
Grab something to eat!
I took an apple,a cup of tea,a corn/thingy with cheese+ham and homemade mochi!

 Another breakfast: tea,activia yoghurt,baby food (fruits) and bread with red bean paste!

 Real restaurant cheeseburger!

 Macaroons/macarons !!!!!!
Green tea 


 Homemade microwave brownies!

Nata took: chocolate+banana, I  took white chocolate and zuppa inglese

And then ordered a sugar gaufre/waffle!

Ending this food post with my meal at EXKI. Natural fresh stuff. The pictured food cost me 11 euros. crazy. but yummy.