26 August 2013


 #1 Simple, yet delicious. Soup with carrots and potatoes and a piece of bread with gouda (my favorite cheese), also, a glass of water.

 #2 A potato salad with eggs,olives,pepper and garlic sauce.
So delicious !
 #3 Meat with sausages inside rolled,sliced and brought in the plate with pasta (perfectly cooked btw).
This was when we passed through Catalonia and stopped for lunch.

 #4 Two brochettes with aprox 22 french fries. For the meat lovers (my sister aha)

 #5 A crema catalana (typical catalonian sweet) cake. Biscuit+cream+whipped cream.

 #6 Fish and chips? Fish and veggies! Green beans,carrots and potato.

#7 Double flavor = same calories, double pleasure.

 #8 Today, instead of a cup, used a bowl, but same quantity. Special K cereals!

#9 Rooibos tea (no theine, perfect for night time). Also the vanilla scent is so sweet no sugar needed!

 #10 A sugar and lemon crepe. I had never tried before, it was surprisingly good!

#11 Another crepe, this one has white chocolate and banana hmmm <3

#12 Watermelon smoothie with peach and a mint leaf. Very refreshing for summer! 

12 August 2013

09 August 2013

What would be the World without desserts?


Did you know you can die from a bad digestion?
But after reading this post you will find some really yummy foods from which I survived.

1. Thai food in Poland,from thai wok. I believe they have put too much of the food compared to the rice, and ON THE RICE. That means that the spicy sauce goes all over the rice,that becomes super spicy and there is no way to eat that...drink a lot of water with it.
2. Salmon salad,with smoked salmon,cabbage,cucumber,tomato and croutons. Now your mom can't complain about you not eating your fish and veggies.

3. A light dinner with a variety of salami and sausages. Best with some Bread,maybe cheese and some salad.
4. Sausage cooked on a big fire, I think I overcooked mine...but with mustard and ketchup it was yummy!

5. Pierogi z serem. Dumplings with white cheese! Polish food. It was somehow sweet,but really good.

Eat good. Your stomach will thank you! 

01 August 2013


The old pictures

Oh my god, how could I ever wear this???
I am going to be quite judgmental on myself in this post, well, that is good. Means I have evolved (into something better I hope)

In 2012 
I went to the cinema with a friend, she was at the toilet and I was camwhoring.
That day I wore my pink sweater, which I love. But it was a big chilly outside so I wore my sleeveless green coat. Total fail.

In 2013, beginnings.
This time I went shopping dressed better.
A simple cute sweater,jeans and magenta bag.

My long hair! in 2012

This was also 2012, I had just cut my hair, and separated it by the middle. The next day I brushed it normally again aha.

It was Easter or Christmas last year (2012)
Omg my memory is so bad.
I was feeling very confident in my body (but I was dressing too sporty)

Rockin' the purple lips!
(and fake fringe)

Fake eyelashes and eyeliner.
Also the fake fringe. I would not like to have it all the time.
2012 also.

In the left picture I look older than in the right one no?
left pic from 2012 and right pic from 2013(beginnings) !

Some months ago

Why looking so worried?
At this time I was obsessed with my adidas 10 euro jacket.
My hair was lighter also (and long!)

I have changed a lot don't you think?
In the left picture I was 15 years old or something,2012 or 2011 even
The right picture is more recent, 2013, I was getting ready for a 'workout'.

end of 2012 or beginnings of 2013.
My hair was growing back again.

Most recent

Wearing a really cute shirt I got recently and my ex-favorite glasses (2 weeks ago they broke in half wtf anyways they cost like 2 euros or not even). I really like my hair here. My face is kinda cute,even with no makeup.

This pic was taken a month ago,my hair now is shorter and healthier.
I look so surprised by these fabulous (horrendous) shoes.
2013 ye.

Taken also about a month ago.
It is in a cafe. I wore a simple orange sweater white trousers and brown flats.
(I had already cut my hair but later I cut even more)

2013, actually just a week ago.
The most recent (decent) pic of me.
I was on a greek island.
You can see my hair is shorter.

Now that you've seen my evolution , I invite you to do the same, and see how you've changed in the past years. I think my face is more mature now, and more tanned haha.

Changes from within

This is a little extra in the post, since it has nothing to do with the FACEVOLUTION. In 2011... I was still a baby, comparing to now ahha. I believe that now i've good friends,that I can trust, I feel happy. But still I'm not as confident with my body, but let's ignore that, so it doesn't ruin my happiness.