21 June 2013


18 June 2013

Fud. Because food with two o's is too mainstream

This blog post is all about food and drink.
My friends tell me i'm a hipster because I take pictures of food.
But I like it!
Enjoy seeing the 50 pictures of this post !
(above you can see 2 beers, well the red/pink one is mine and it's called Monaco, it has grenadine with beer!)


We went to a chinese restaurant, and ordered as a dessert this.
It's a pair of balls (why you so dirty minded?) covered in coconut!

Chocolate is the best food ever. EVER.

I am eatable also, but that would be cannibalism.
Just saying hai.

 Since some weeks now, I've been trying to change my eating habits.
-healthier breakfast (not only cereals)
Here I'm having cracker with cheese,milk, a baby food (its super healthy,no colorants, no additives and so yummy!) oh, and medicine ^^'

 Light lunch!
Tea,smoothie,tortilla, crackers with cheese and ham.

I currently have an obsession on making smoothies!
This one has banana and blackberries.

 We went to a Mexican restaurant and I took a Quesadilla. I wasn't very hungry. But its so good uhhmm.

 Frozen yoghurt ! for hot days.
Mine is the one with the raspberries and colored sprinkles.

Another smoothie.
This one contains some milk,a banana and Activia yoghurt.

 One of my favorite foods. Pasta!

This is a chocolate milkshake in some cafeteria in Greece.

I attempted to make a 'new' kind of toast. with bananas and cinnamon.
tasted okay.

At pizza hut, I got these as a first, very yummy. The pasta I got later was disgusting.

At my friends house, I wanted a cup of hot chocolate. She made me almost starve while she made the 'cream' and put some nesquick over it. But totally worth it hmm.


 A dinner,
very light.

I was coming back from somewhere, and decided to pick up something ready to eat from the supermarket.

The raviolis and the sauce.

I adore red fruits! and omg look at those mini-strawberries :o

RED BEANS! + fail homemade cream + bread.

Ah now that's better!
Grilled chicken and veggies.

Mooore mochi.

A fresh dinner.
Raw salmon,sea weed and cucumber

Instant noodles! 

Now THIS is a salad.
Feta cheese,salad and ham.

Pyrenees trip

 On my pyrenees trip, we ate a LOT of pizza!

 And cooked tortilla de patata!
(the left one decided to dance while we tried to flip it over -.-'')

 Bread,pasta,tomato and potato. All carbs omg :x but that day we went on a 4hour hike. Justified.

Rice with chicken and veggies!

Don't get tired yet! Yummy food's follow:

Chicken,potatoes/chips, and some salad.

A burger with a fried egg!

 I'm putting too many exclamation marks...but...look at this salad!!!
With cheese and jamon all becomes more interesting...

 No words.

I love these! Sugar with flavoring and colorants yumm.

Now this is more real. Creme brulee-crema catalana.

Back home

All the previous pictures are from my trip to the pyrenees. 
This plate I ate it when I came back.
Simple yet nutritious.


This was the little lunch we had on board while going to Spain.
Do I even need to caption this ? okaaay, Sandwich and water.

The traditional cold soup.

This was amazing.
Duck with apple puree and a potato.

Hometown again

 Went out with friends to a pizzeria and ordered a veggie rissotto. Not bad.

I went to the hairdresser one day, and while she was washing my hair she asked me if i'd like a coffee...she finished doing my hair. no coffee. so, no tip for you madam. Then I called a friend and we had a coffee at Quick. 

 Egg and veggies to the oven!

 Again chicken with brocoli, but this time with raviolis and some asparagus.
(when grilled, so yummy)

This is my usual breakfast right now. I might add a baby food or yoghurt to complete.
Bread with cheese and ham/chicken filet. With a fruit smoothie and tea!

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Thanks for reading!