14 September 2012

Eyesight with fashion items

I love this bag from H&M, but i already own too many. but i have only one which is black and quite big..
i could not resist taking a picture even though i think i can't (?)

those shorts are really nice and i like the color of the pink shirt!

At Zara, those wedges can be woren one time for the show. then.. like for parties and so.
matching bag on top and umbrellas for rainy weather (yayyy not.)

'fake watch' as people say. 
it's not fake! its not made from paper!
its just a Sanda watch,with a beautiful red color :)

i'd love to see if you have gone on a eyesight shopping day,
its quite funn...but also frustrating if you dont have money..
sorry for the comments published and answered late!
some got caught in SPAM :(
<3 to all !

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