12 March 2013

You ate horse shit (food scandal)

What are we eating these days?...Horse instead of cow, poo bacteria in IKEA tarts...
I did some research, and i'm going to inform you in a simple way.
Because bah who is bothered to read long articles and interviews?
boh, I'll make it short and clear.

-The well-known swedish company IKEA, more concretely it's restaurant and cafe, serve tarts.
But, what do this tarts contain? Recent scientific researches prove that some (or most) of these tarts   had  bacteria in them, the kind of bacteria usually found in animal excrements . So your favorite chocolate tart from IKEA could of contained these poo bacteria . Yum.

-You know the famous and delicious IKEA meatballs? So juicy and yummy and horsy. Yes, the company admitted they had horse meat in these treats, and now they are removing the product from its restaurants.

-Who does this affect? Mainly Europe ( Holland, Czech Republic, Greece , Russia and many more countries), but bacteria in tarts was also found in China.

Lesson of the day: Don't buy your food in a furniture shop

(Disclaimer: I am not criticizing IKEA shops in any way. I am just describing and summarizing information from various sources. Also, use of any kind of 'sarcasm' or word playing is not intended to harm anybody.)


  1. El otro día me metí entre pecho y espalda un 2x1 de tortitas por 2'5€ (cuatro tortitas en total) en el IKEA y me quedé como Dios, jejeje. El problema no es la comida, el problema es la gente que la manipula. Si vas al baño y vuelves sin lavarte con jabón las manos, es normal que aparezcan bacterias ;)

    1. Pues la gente que la manipula (porque ahí no se cocina nada bueno) debería respetar las normas de higiene, si no, pueden cerrar el negocio y ya.
      Creo que las tortitas están bien, al menos de sabor hmmm

      que tal ?:)

  2. Anonymous12/3/13 18:23

    Hey, it's TipsforInes! Did you miss me? I'm sorry I didn't say anything for such a long time :(
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layout! It's so much more grownup, less colourful and childish. Definitely in love! You should just find a new banner, something more stylish :)
    Do more outfit posts or the new things you bought recently!
    Bye bye, I promise I won't disappear for so long again :))

    1. I did miss you ahah

      You do?? I was trying many templates, and one of them RUINED my blog, in the layout page it was like ''blog posts'' three times! and I could not remove the extra ones I got so pissed...then went for a simple template, added a cute background and voila!
      And yeah I definitely need a banner.

      Aha I know you like clothes ^^

  3. That's just nasty.....haha. Love your new layout! So cute!

    1. I wasn;t hungry the whole afternoon ahaha

      And thanks :')

  4. Oh my! Actually, did you know that horse meat is good for sick people? But in this case, poor horses!!
    That's why I don't eat meat, and I'm not a big fan of chocolate.

  5. And btw, great new template!!

    1. I forgot to say...NO VET OR ANY CONTROL ON THE HORSE MEAT. so maybe the horses where sick or old, and the meat was extremely bad quality and sanitary conditions...

  6. thanks for sharing. Never tried them before but it is good to know.