26 September 2015

Easter in Greece'14

Going for a snack with my sister after the dentist. chocolate cake for me...I learn nothing...

But hey! It's Easter, and ain't nobody got time to listen to dentists.
My egg this year is made with caramelized peanuts. What more can I ask?

In Greece, the tradition is to paint boiled eggs and on Easter we play a game in which you push your egg with you opponent's egg and the one that cracks loses. 

A little salad interruption...

This year we decided to get out of Athens for once, and go visit a village in the middle of nowhere, Dimitsana.
Reason? We apparently had a great grandmother living here.

The little hotel is cozy and the owners are very welcoming

And then we found this cat that looks straight out of some video game (that tail, is so perfect!)

White skin, red hair me

Name of the place we stayed ''En Dimitsani''

Fancy chairs, beautiful view.

A FIREPLACE omg luxury much!

Royal bed to say the least

bathroom. so cute 

Time to visit things around here.

Proud Greek takes picture of Greek flag.

Zombie hideaway? No, it is a monastery! Walking some kilometres into the mountain and you find this carved in monastery.

Cats where climbing all around.

This is too epic.

Another monastery there.

And then. the Oasis

The clearest waters are always the coldest. Your feet turn red from the cold water here.


Typical greek yoghurt with ''Kidoni''

At night, there was the village party, which we attended.
There was a center fire and people would dance around it <3
Check me out in the middle (and on the right the owner of the little hotel haha)

Road trip continues...

To some other lost village with advanced technology.

Best tomato salad you can have

Got this beautiful Adventure time Wallet from my godmother <3

I'm starting to miss Greece already...

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