30 October 2012

Leaving to Strasbourg

(used perfect365 to edit the pic. haha so fake)

Tomorrow i'm leaving to Strasbourg for 4-5 days!
The hotel is quite modern,has wifi, big plama tv with dvd and nespresso coffee machine. 
We are going there to see the city, and the shopping malls and eat !
I haven't forgotten you!
I have 2 scheduled posts for you, but if you are impatient, read my previous ones.
Ill answer to each of your comments <3

 see you!


  1. I like the phot that you posted :)
    And we are leaving for 3 days :(
    And I LOVE your blog
    Kisses, Dafni <3

  2. dafni: its 3 nights 4 days.
    the divinitus: thanks!!

  3. Lucky you!
    Have fun and do a lot of shopping!
    Don't forget to take pics ;)

  4. guidance! I will ahha i've already done a hotel room tour !
    Pictures soon:)