19 November 2012

Psychiatric School(+story)

This post is about the LuxII mamer school.

Read, read...

If you live in Luxembourg, and you know the european school. then chillax.
If not, let me explain to you :)
The original euro-school started growing and moved to kirchberg (from limpersberg) i frequented the kirchberg one...until...
Too many people, also new countries joining the E.U, so more classes...
The split was inevitable. Lux I and LuxII
the 1 stayed in kirchberg, the original school (me in it.)
And the 2 went to mamer, near the south of Luxembourg. The school was built brand new!

A friend and I, had free hours so we decided to take the bus and travel to the school...to visit the infrastructure and eventually our friends.

bathroom pic hahaha
all clean and white-gray code. HUGE mirror.
for vain pix.

Then we went to the hospital near Mamer... sorry psychiatric hospital ...

NO! its still the school! Aha
long corridors, all the same.
I took one pic of one corridor, all the others are the same.
same same same...
And. at the left side you can see the railing, for the patients (sorry students)
to hold on to.
There were many buildings, like cubes. all with the same corridors.
We found out that actually the corridors make a square, like you can walk around the square forever.
In the middle there is an open space with some vegetation.
PSYCHIATRIC for crazy people (ex: teachers) or people to become crazy (students)

Ah, about the craziness i was telling you...
The drinks machine can give you water...


but don;t worry its viva and rosport. 
See, its not all bad , you have 2 types of water to choose from!
Argument? It can not be healthy drinking because i want my orange juice. where is it?
(0,80 cents acceptable prize, but i'd prefer an orange juice for same prize)
(boring shit ahead)
Josh: hey Laurie! looking pretty today
Laurie: hey josh *blushes*
Josh: want a drink? *winks eye*
Laurie: umm yeah *blushes even more*
Josh: imma get you something *is convinced to seduce her*
Laurie: oh thanks is that a..eh water? Its not that romantic or anything...
Josh: i'm sorry i wanted to impress you but there is only water!!!
Laurie: stop trying Josh, i had a feeling for you, but not anymore...
Josh: Laurie! wait! i can get you viva instead!
Laurie walks away
Josh: omg omg nooo haa9uehhahaa seven eight 7 8 80 cents...
Guardian: lemme take ya to the crazey people room.
Josh: guduff??
Guardian: Joan! close the door with the 3 keys!
Josh: nooaahahahhaah i;m crazy? i am!

And this was a little story i made up in 3minutes.
About the water machine...
(they have a cafeteria with bagels,cupcakes and stuff so this won't happen normally ahha
just my imagination flying)

I really enjoyed writing this post. The pictures were appropriate to the subject but if you havent read all of it, is not thaaaat much ehi, read! at least Josh and Laurie's story!

(the school is not all bad. it has a cafeteria with yum things and a swimming pool...not in the cafeteria wtf that would be like...too amazing)
Some pics taken from Nefeli.


  1. Lol. First, I'd hate to be in that "hospital" during the night. Second, seriously? Water only? And Third, Awesome story!
    Not to forget that song, it's awesome! I used to watch on a french channel a show (I think it was super nanny) that starts with this song!
    It's cool! now, it's stuck in my head for a while :D

  2. hey guidance!
    your majesty ahha
    Now you say it brr scary :o
    and yes. i was like whaaa
    and nice! i was actually singing it while writing ^^

  3. Hey! Thank you for the lovely comment and for being my first follower. You're so sweet!
    Followed you back :)


    1. Good luck with your blog!