01 December 2012

Random People adding you on Facebook

Hey hey!
Today i'm writing from -here.

Not as I normally do, from -here.

But this way i get to write more, to economize space and make it easier to read. 

From title you may of guessed, that, i'm stating a fact. 'random people adding you on facebook'.
If you have facebook you will know that you can make 'friends' with people. 
I have added as friends my actual friends, family , and more people that I know from school.
Sometimes, friends of my sister ask to add me to their friend list, but i normally don't accept as I don't know them personally...but we have mutual friends, a logical way why they found me...
Then, suddenly, I get a friend request from a person...which I haven't seen or heard of ever.
For example an Algerian guy (never been to Algeria before) or a Colombian girl (same).
Here i got an example of a girl called Anika Ley. No other info. No country reference. NO COMMON FRIENDS!

How did she find me?


Oh, haven't we asked this question...
Only way she could of find me is by typing my name into the search bar. I don't figure on any of her friends friend list. I'm not in her email list, so its impossible that facebook had recommended me.  Or She could of typed a random letter and then look in the results for people to add...  And why would she pick me?


At first I thought it was just a matter of ''she looks nice''. But then i had an other idea...
How about she follows me on twitter or instagram, where my real name is available, and she wanted to follow me also on facebook? Well, in my opinion, facebook is only for friend circles, thats why they have a 5000 friend limitation eh. But on twitter you can have millions of followers and it doesnt seem wrong.
So. Follow>twitter , instagram, etc. Friends>facebook. 
That's why I won;t add people i don't know personally on facebook.
Back to the first thought, what if she just was like ''cute prof pic, ah she has like 300 friends, won;t she add me?'' *sends friend request* ''she will totally accept me, ill check out her pictures and maybe chat with her hihi'' I would never do that...
And oh...

People who use facebook as a dating site.

Facebook was designed to connect with your friends all over the world. And if you want to make new ones, go to Omegle, Chatroulette, Meetic.com and sites like that.
It is annoying, and so unnecessary, when people add you just to 'try' to have something with you.
Hey, you are from Africa or Asia or anywhere but Europe, And you want to 'date' someone from Europe. (or viceversa!)
And i need to say these are generally guys, as the stories i've heard. Women have more common sense? Probably, but that doesn't mean women don't try to date guys through facebook.
PLEASE. Don't you hate when they...just because of a pretty profile picture they send private messages like '' you look pretty, lets meet up in the other side of the globe'' or ''hello lady/gentleman, i think i'm in love, will you marry me?'' 

Conclusion of all this can be:

Internet is good to connect people...but to make real friends, the only solution is to open the front door and go out, to a bar, to meet people, to socialize, and then come back to your computer and add the friends you just made. The real ones.


  1. jajaja, bueno, eso también puede ser porque por alguna razón, en las sugerencias de Facebook apareces, porque a mí me han puesto como sugerencias, pues igual, gente que no he visto en mi vida, que no tienen ningún nexo común, y que están a 10.000 km de mí, jaja... pero bueno, te buscaré por si acaso, jajaja

  2. I agree that we shouldn't add just anyone on Facebook, but it's ok to want to make friends from all over the world. After all, that's what internet is for.
    I actually have two Facebook accs. one "international" :p and the other is for close people only.
    You should put "I do not accept anyone I don't know." on your fb's 'about'

  3. Hey, I love your blog. Great work! Please come and check out my blog. If you decide to follow me I’ll follow you back :) xx


  4. villa: bueno vale, pero si no conoces a alguien pk añadirle? quien te dice que no es un psicopata?

    guidance: i think they don't even bother to look at the 'about' tab xd and your idea is good, to have 2 accounts ^^

  5. Hey dear!
    Thanks so much for your comment and for following. I just followed you back, it´s always great to stay in contact with bloggers from Luxembourg :)