12 February 2013

Pink black floral

Little note: my pictures are never photoshop-ed (since i don't have photoshop meh)
But still I don't see why I would.

Girls, it's Valentine's Day soon,
And they say that wearing red or pink brings good luck! (in love of course!)
Why not wearing a sweet and feminine look like this one?


  1. Anonymous12/2/13 14:46

    Hello, it's Tipsforines :)
    I haven't said anything in a while, didn't think it was necessary haha.
    This outfit is very simple but it looks good. However, you should try tucking the sweater under your shorts, I think it would look great!
    Btw, don't feel fat - you clearly aren't. Stop worrying about useless things! Be happy with your boddy and don'y worry so much about what you eat :)
    Best of luck for you and your boyfriend, hope you have a great Valentine's day! xx

    1. I know! Ill be doing that in the future (and have already done it) but with this sweater..it just didn't look good.
      and oh, should I feel good or not good about you not commenting in a while? Bah, comments of any kind are always welcome:)
      And oh i want to look better,you know, 6th year trip and stuff xd.
      and thanks! You too