14 February 2013

Valentine'sDay is SHIT

(I'm writing this from my phone,in the blogger application)
You may think,'oh she has a strong opinion'' or ''isn't love going well for her?''
Well,let's ignore my personal stuff right now,and let's talk about more general points.
The 14th of february,is the day of Saint valentine. And for some reason,myth, it has become the lovers day.

Alright,it is the day to celebrate love,between couples, but..don't you think that love should be celebrated everyday!?

Valentines day is just an excuse to give presents (and for commercial,business benefits). I think presents should be given at birthdays,name days,christmas,etc..(traditonal days) and, when deserved, like when ending school (with good grades) acomplishing a hard task,getting promoted at work etc..
I also believe that valentine's day makes single people feel lonely and depressive. Most of the 'single' people's friends have a gf or bf, so that day they'll spend it with them.
But wait! Single people have a big chance to find love,and by that I mean finding a bf or gf. All the ambience,music,flowers,couples kissing,cute cards...and go! Propose to the girl/Boy of your dreams! Why not? You got an excuse!
But still hm..this smells like we have some cowards here! If you love someone,or you think you do then..

Ask that person out,any time of the year.
Im not really a big fan of valentine's day,actually I've never lived it being in a couple, so i guess it may be different by having someone...
In the U.S you celebrate this big no? Well,even if you arent in a couple, have fun! Share a Box of chocolates with a friend (yay!) that's what I'd of done..or what I will do..
Alright, happy (shit) valentine's day!


  1. I kinda like Valentine's day, but you're right that it has become quite commercial.

    Here in Finland it's actually called "Friends' day", so it's also for celebrating friendship, not just lovers. :)

    1. Oh that's sweet! Well I know people who give flowers also to their friends,its a good idea.

  2. I agree that it's senseless. But I don't think it's a bad day for single people. couple here would spends tons of money on chocolate and gifts, while single people have nothing to worry about and especially, no money to waste. Anyway, that's what I think :)

    1. Well yeah its economical for single people ahha but still, seeing around them all the flowers, heart balloons and banners with ''happy valentines day! give a gift to your loved one!'' single guy: ''i've no loved one :( ''
      But it can be a good day If you spend it like 'friendship day'.