24 March 2013

Google Plus. You are mean.

From the title it seems like I'm going to talk directly to google+.
But i'm not, i'm going to talk to you, so we can gossip together about google+ behind it's back.
(note: this is NOT an anti-gplus conspiracy in any way)

Google, this large company. I've got to love their Gmail and maps. I've used Picasa  and Youtube and even created a blog. Not to mention the search engine, which is obviously the best with a difference (in my opinion).

The creation of Google+ , was too much. Who needs google plus? We have twitter,facebook and many more platforms...What does Google + offer that is...plus?
It connects your blog with the gplus platform. Why? To get your circles (friends,work,public...) to check out your posts. Bloggers have been forced  to make an account at gplus. (yes I felt forced to).

I thought ''If google wants us to create a gplus account, to promote our blogs and/or connect with friends, i'm going to use it just for the blog part'' I also said to myself ''I should add all my readers to my circles? I think I can manage that, or I should, as google reader is shutting down aha''
>> (yes, i've heard that google reader is shutting down, so , to keep viewing your fav blogs you have to follow via gplus or twitter,fb,bloglovin...)

So basically, to keep your readers, and to read their blogs, you need to connect with them with gplus.
It's not all that bad , no?
Well yes.
Google + is designed with a facebook idea, to have your REAL NAME EXPOSED. I thought '' I'm not going to display my real name, because i'm using this only for blog purposes. And I have facebook with my real name and friends''

It asked for a name and a surname. I typed 'bahbohh' ...and as a surname?? I tried Bah Bohh, but then it appeared everywhere as bah bohh, I don't want it separated!
I tried Bahbohh Ines. This worked...Then I had an other idea, Bahbohh Blog. But it would not let me because 'blog' is not a real name...
>> (I instantly thought of Kim K and Kayne West's child. They are planning on calling it NORTH West. ahahah no google + for this kid !)

I was about to try an other option but before I could think of anything, a message popped up. ''Google + allows you to change your name up to 3 times a year'' ...
As a result I am bahbohh ines on gplus.
And I am very mad at them. ''You cannot put the name you want'' ''share all your posts on g+'' ''get all your friends on g+'' ''share your life on g+''...Enough.

So, what do YOU think about google+? Is it a useful tool to you? Or do you dislike it's policies?

I found a way to remove all my personal information from gplus. Now you can only see my picture, name and email. alright. ALSO I managed to UN-LINK the blog from the g+ account!! (go to linked profiles, its next to one of the other little circles when you go to 'edit profile') Now, google plus. PEACE.

Update 2015:
Who even remembers Google+ anymore?


  1. You can't keep anything from Google! Google is everywhere! :p
    I got that e-mail about it shutting down, but I didn't feel like reading it so I starred it and left it for when I'm less lazy..
    I also didn't want to use my real name (there's a lot of stalkers and imposters out there) but it didn't accept anything so I ended up writing Guidance + half my family name.. Which sucks! Why can Angelina change her last name to Jolie and I can't choose a name for my account on the net?? It's not like it's a bank!!
    Anw, thnx for letting me know what that email I received was about!

    1. Exactly! For real name we have banks and official documents, but online we can be anyone.
      and I did not receive any email,i learnt this from forums and other blogs..

  2. First of all, I'm glad that you linked your blog in a comment. I really enjoy your writing style, blog layout, and YOU!

    Second of all, thanks for the feedback on my blog. I appreciate it :)

    Lastly, to answer your question, I have avoided learning much of anything about google+ but I guess I may have to read in to it after reading this post. I, too, wouldn't like the idea of sharing my full name, and would look in to doing something similar as to what you have done. Thanks for the information! :)

    1. Thanks!
      I love your blog too<3
      I also ignored g+ for a while,but then..yeah..:/

      thanks for your comment!