02 November 2013


What a beautiful city! Big windows, canals, bikes...
Yes, that is a house-boat and you can book to sleep in one of them (better in summer).

 There also are the tourist boats to visit the city. If its your first time in Amsterdam, this will give you an overview without the danger of a bike falling on to you, while you are staring at the buildings and amazing shops.

 Talking about shops, we found a shop dedicated to cats.  From comfy cushions, to cat trees, cat food and water fountains. We left cute comments on the visitor's book.

 EVERYONE travels by bicycle (actually also some motorbikes and people that go by foot, but these are exemptions) So watch out for bikes!
Venice? Paris? No, Amsterdam. For some reason this bridge has the locks of lovers on it.

This is my sister looking cute, pretending to be the blue cat at the left.

She made a dutch braid for me, she is a pro at it 0.0

Next to the canal, there was a market with antiques, tourist items and some food.
I really liked this artwork.

 Dutch Ducks.

 A canal / channel (same uh)

 Drugs much?

Better mussels for muscles. 
So pun-ny people over there.

Extreme shopping. Find your favorite shops and MORE.

A big square.

 A mini market with cannabis stuff and shishas.

It's good to prevent customers...

The hotel room was like a cheap cruise cabin. Specially the bathroom. They fit in less than 2 square meters a big sink, a huge shower and a toilet. The beds were comfy but the general outlook for the hotel was ... as I said before a cheap cruise but with shitty views.
(btw that is me taking pics of myself)
If you want quality breakfast and have enough energy to go out. Do so. Or take something like cookies and juices from the night before to eat. I seriously think 16 euros/21 dollars is waaay too much for some bread, cheese, ham, some baked beans and sausages and a couple of pastries with RAISINS (i hate them) 

That's the end of my post on Amsterdam...
I spent only one day there, and it was not even for tourism!
I went to check out the University.
Anyways, here are some addresses! :

Cat stuff shop (cute toys and accessories for cute cats :3 )
IBIS hotel (if you seriously don't have anywhere else to stay. also don't take their breakfast)

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