26 January 2014

New Year New Food + Super Easy Lunch

First food post of the year!
With pictures I forgot to upload on the London post and a special recipe (that is super easy and combines all basic nutrients)


 First of all I thought I'd talk about YO! sushi.
I had never been in a moving tray sushi restaurant. I loved the experience.
You pay at the end according to the plates you ate (depending on their color).
In the picture: Wakame salad (this one was so spicy what..)
Salmon sushi (my favourite btw)
Colorful Mochi (amazing.just perfect)
What I love about this 'fast food' (and all the healthy fast foods of London) is that they...display the calories on the menu/label. Since I like to count them and be aware of what i'm eating this is perfect!

All throughout my stay in London, I ordered at breakfast 'Americano' Coffee. no milk. some or no sugar.

Flying back home...

 Ok now this IS GOOD STUFF.
These...are biscuits,dipped in syrup (sugar water and honey!) and decorated with nuts.
In greek we call them Melomakarona, and we make them only on Christmas.
To make them, you need simple ingredients and an experienced cook (like your mama). 

My sister made this dark chocolate PRESENT with a mould. cool no?

Also some more chocolates...

She told me these ones had pistachios inside *.*

 Our Christmas tree (yay presents !)

My sister and I, decided to collect ingredients all over the kitchen and we came up with this.
Rice noodles cooked with carrots, bacon, green onions and cashew nuts.

At a restaurant... my sister ordered this chicken+bacon sandwich.

My salad came in a huge pot. Big as a sink I swear.
Ingredients I could identify: 
Spinach leaves , Potatoes, Tomato, egg (yes its egg,not cheese), lardon strips and a mysterious white sauce. It was too good...

Leftover pasta 1 cup + 1 smoked salmon fillet left in the pack + some random white sauce and dill.

1 KILO. Now they are doing it right!

After we squeezed our brains in an exam, my friend and I made this Spanish salad.
-Garbanzos(the whole pack,throw away the liquid or use it for plants or something)
-Tomatoes (we used 1 for us 2)
-Eggs (again, we used 1)
-Canned Tuna (keep or throw away the oil, you choose. we used just 1 small can)
-Black olives (as many as you desire)
-olive oil + vinegar(if you like) and salt.

The basics never fail....until you burn the garlic..which I successfully did.

Ok let me explain.
I had the fun idea to do TORTILLA on TORTILLA.
(because I didn't have bread at home lol)
I grew some olive oil in a small pan and then an egg (not well beaten as you can see) 
then I added some ham and cheese to it.

 The Super Easy Lunch Recipe

see? its easy, simple and has no calories!
Ok no, this is too stupid.
The real recipe is inspired by the previous picture...

let's get started! STEP 1: put some oil in a small pan, beat an egg in a bowl adding salt and pepper and put it in the pan.
Wait till its looks solid and cooked.

 STEP 2: Toast a slice of bread.

STEP 3: Toast on plate and add olive oil to it (or spread butter if you prefer)

 STEP 4: Add the omelette. Done!

To complete the menu, I cut some cucumber to which I added oil and salt.
The dessert is a piece of carrot cake my mom made the other day.
To drink? I chose water.

Believe it or not, this simple at first lunch got me filled for hours.
It has the carbs from the bread, the fat from the olive oil/butter, proteins from the egg, vitamins and minerals from the cucumber and everything yummy you can expect from a carrot cake.

I hope you enjoyed this post.
I am quite hungry now, I'm going to see what's cooking in the kitchen...

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