09 August 2013


Did you know you can die from a bad digestion?
But after reading this post you will find some really yummy foods from which I survived.

1. Thai food in Poland,from thai wok. I believe they have put too much of the food compared to the rice, and ON THE RICE. That means that the spicy sauce goes all over the rice,that becomes super spicy and there is no way to eat that...drink a lot of water with it.
2. Salmon salad,with smoked salmon,cabbage,cucumber,tomato and croutons. Now your mom can't complain about you not eating your fish and veggies.

3. A light dinner with a variety of salami and sausages. Best with some Bread,maybe cheese and some salad.
4. Sausage cooked on a big fire, I think I overcooked mine...but with mustard and ketchup it was yummy!

5. Pierogi z serem. Dumplings with white cheese! Polish food. It was somehow sweet,but really good.

Eat good. Your stomach will thank you! 

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