01 August 2013


The old pictures

Oh my god, how could I ever wear this???
I am going to be quite judgmental on myself in this post, well, that is good. Means I have evolved (into something better I hope)

In 2012 
I went to the cinema with a friend, she was at the toilet and I was camwhoring.
That day I wore my pink sweater, which I love. But it was a big chilly outside so I wore my sleeveless green coat. Total fail.

In 2013, beginnings.
This time I went shopping dressed better.
A simple cute sweater,jeans and magenta bag.

My long hair! in 2012

This was also 2012, I had just cut my hair, and separated it by the middle. The next day I brushed it normally again aha.

It was Easter or Christmas last year (2012)
Omg my memory is so bad.
I was feeling very confident in my body (but I was dressing too sporty)

Rockin' the purple lips!
(and fake fringe)

Fake eyelashes and eyeliner.
Also the fake fringe. I would not like to have it all the time.
2012 also.

In the left picture I look older than in the right one no?
left pic from 2012 and right pic from 2013(beginnings) !

Some months ago

Why looking so worried?
At this time I was obsessed with my adidas 10 euro jacket.
My hair was lighter also (and long!)

I have changed a lot don't you think?
In the left picture I was 15 years old or something,2012 or 2011 even
The right picture is more recent, 2013, I was getting ready for a 'workout'.

end of 2012 or beginnings of 2013.
My hair was growing back again.

Most recent

Wearing a really cute shirt I got recently and my ex-favorite glasses (2 weeks ago they broke in half wtf anyways they cost like 2 euros or not even). I really like my hair here. My face is kinda cute,even with no makeup.

This pic was taken a month ago,my hair now is shorter and healthier.
I look so surprised by these fabulous (horrendous) shoes.
2013 ye.

Taken also about a month ago.
It is in a cafe. I wore a simple orange sweater white trousers and brown flats.
(I had already cut my hair but later I cut even more)

2013, actually just a week ago.
The most recent (decent) pic of me.
I was on a greek island.
You can see my hair is shorter.

Now that you've seen my evolution , I invite you to do the same, and see how you've changed in the past years. I think my face is more mature now, and more tanned haha.

Changes from within

This is a little extra in the post, since it has nothing to do with the FACEVOLUTION. In 2011... I was still a baby, comparing to now ahha. I believe that now i've good friends,that I can trust, I feel happy. But still I'm not as confident with my body, but let's ignore that, so it doesn't ruin my happiness. 

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  1. Great transformation, You have got a lot to give.