26 August 2013


 #1 Simple, yet delicious. Soup with carrots and potatoes and a piece of bread with gouda (my favorite cheese), also, a glass of water.

 #2 A potato salad with eggs,olives,pepper and garlic sauce.
So delicious !
 #3 Meat with sausages inside rolled,sliced and brought in the plate with pasta (perfectly cooked btw).
This was when we passed through Catalonia and stopped for lunch.

 #4 Two brochettes with aprox 22 french fries. For the meat lovers (my sister aha)

 #5 A crema catalana (typical catalonian sweet) cake. Biscuit+cream+whipped cream.

 #6 Fish and chips? Fish and veggies! Green beans,carrots and potato.

#7 Double flavor = same calories, double pleasure.

 #8 Today, instead of a cup, used a bowl, but same quantity. Special K cereals!

#9 Rooibos tea (no theine, perfect for night time). Also the vanilla scent is so sweet no sugar needed!

 #10 A sugar and lemon crepe. I had never tried before, it was surprisingly good!

#11 Another crepe, this one has white chocolate and banana hmmm <3

#12 Watermelon smoothie with peach and a mint leaf. Very refreshing for summer! 

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